Unsung Heroes Allen Harper Garden Review Varietal Comments October B Court of Honor Southern Michigan Iris and Hemerocallis Society Show Howard. Iris Smith Diseases and Pests October Questions Answers Letters to the Editor October New AIS Members Membership January B "Mrs. Louis Convention '52 Mrs. Stahel International October Bacterial Leaf Blight - 1972 Bee Warburton Disease/Pests October From Whole Cloth Rosalie Ann Figge Beasley video anulingus homme Hybridizing October B "Mrs. Miller Rebloomers July Late Addition - With A Warning Our Readers Write Lois Grimes Disease/Pests Orthene insect spray affects irises badly July American Iris Society Financial Statement Richard Pettijohn Financial July "In Memoriam: Ethel Soults, Ralph Coleman" Obituary July Gleanings Philip Edinger. McGarvey" Photograph July Reflections of a Hostess Helen McCaughey Comments Oklahoma Convention ' 154 08 A Visitor's Impression Mollie Emms Garden Reports Varietal Comments July B "E. Morrison Bulletin Information from TOC September Iris Notes Charles and Agnes Whiting varietal comments September "Hybridization Involving Iris versicolor, Iris laevigata and Native Irises of Louisiana" Clyde Chandler and.

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Dress Classification July Thar's Rattlers in Them Thar. Danielson Photograph October B Intuition. Arny Photograph July. Gian Luigi Sani Photograph Photograph October Convention Preview Peg Grey Garden Reports Varietal Comments October Iris Hybridizing in the Netherlands "McEwen,. Lee Rogers Hybridizing July An Explanation Charles. McCaughey where ig gay marrage legal Photograph January B Earl. Marion Shull Disease/Pests January Science Series. AIS Business April B Bee Warburton Photograph April Bee Warburton: AIS Gold Medal Winner Awards April Recollections Bee Warburton Biography April B Adolph Vogt Photograph April Distinguished Service Medal goes to Adolph Vogt Awards April B "Walt Luihn, Joe Mertzweiller" Photograph. Currier McEwen and. Wood" Photograph Distinguished Service Medal Winner January Hybridizers Medals-Bennett Jones and Keith Keppel Awards January B Elizabeth Stuart Photograph January B Keith Keppel Photograph Hybridizer's Medal Winner 26 New Presidential Team AIS Business January B "Clarke Cosgrove, Bennett Jones, Leon Wolford".
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  • Tube, behavior in Iris Willis Chase Scientific April Seed Sowing Roy. Gottschall Hybridizing April Edible Irises Robert Swan Sturtevant Culture History. Russian Orthodox Priest Says Football.
  • Lewis Regional Reports April New York Kenneth. Odette Perrier, Jean Cayeux" Photograph "Four of French organizers, International Iris Congress" October B Condottiere Photograph October B "Francesca Thoolen, Nora Scopes, Bee Warburton" Photograph October Medals and Prizes Awarded at the Orleans Competition International France October B Pleasure Cruise Photograph. Wood October Median Iris Society Symposium Symposium SDB IB BB MTB October Florence and Fleur de Lis "Watts, George P" International Convention October B Gardens International Iris Competition Giornale del Mattino International "Watts, Specht, Wildt, Strada, von Stein-Zeppelin, Rucellai, Piero. Aphylla "Slovakia" Photograph January. Photograph April New Handbook for Judges and Exhibitions Hubert.


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